You can have up to five Change Account Wallets in
Your Change Account.

Change Account Wallets
Change Account Wallets

Try to think of them as ‘mini accounts’
alongside Your Card account which you
can only access and manage online or
through your mobile app.

How Change Account Walletscan help you:

  • They remove the need to have separate bank accounts.
  • They allow you to be in complete control of your finances.
  • They allow you to subdivide spending, budgeting and bill payments.
  • They help protect your money allocated for bills.
  • They enable you to allocate each Wallet to a certain form of expenses.
  • They enable you to categorise and personalise a form of expenses by naming the Wallets.

What you can’t do with Your Change Account Wallets

  • You cannot make cash purchases or withdraw cash from the money in Your Change Account Wallets.
  • Your Change Account Wallets have a Time Lock which means you can never pay someone immediately.