Change Account Limited have a core set of values which underpin our culture and everything we do.

Transparency & Honesty

We believe in being honest and transparent with our customers every step of the way

  • All of the costs of The Change Account are honest, there are no hidden charges
  • Account holders can view costs of the account in comparison to their Rewards Programme savings
  • We provide notifications about payments that help our customers budget
  • We inform our customers of any changes to our product and services


We strive for equality by providing a transactional account that is available to everyone

  • We do not carry out credit checks
  • We present our customers’ finances in a simple way
  • We offer extensive support and advice on our website to ensure everyone knows how to use our account


We act fairly, truthfully, and ethically in everything we do

  • We strive to act in our customers’ best interests
  • We inspire trust by saying what we mean and being true to our word and commitments
  • We are honest, trustworthy, respectful and ethical in our actions


We always put our customers at the centre of what we do.

  • We strive to exceed customer expectations
  • We always put our customers first
  • We listen to our customers’ feedback and actively seek to improve the product and services we offer


We use our enthusiasm, skills and resources in everything we do.

  • We relentlessly pursue success
  • We aim for flawless delivery and we learn from any mistakes or failures
  • We train our partners closely to ensure excellence in how they offer The Change Account.

These values are central to how we work and what we offer our customers. Having this shared set of values helps us make decisions, and in the process, helps make our company great.

Our Partnership

Working in close partnership.

With such a broad partnership it is important to us that we are always consistent in the way we do business, how we look after our customers and how we improve. Everyone in our partnership has a mutual responsibility to follow our core values in the right way. The following guidelines help Change Account Limited and our partners to do just that.

  • We understand our customers: We treat them fairly, we are honest and we offer a product that meets financial needs and provides value for money.
  • We want to hear from our customers: We listen to our customers, we respond to our customers; our customers define what we do.
  • We value our people: We value every partner’s contribution to developing our product and we promote how they help along our journey.
  • We want to be trusted: We want you to trust us with your finances, so we will always be transparent about our costs.
  • We operate in a secure environment: We know who we are doing business with and we protect ourselves to minimise any risk to our customers.
  • We manage our finances carefully: We account for all transactions carefully and securely.