The Change Account is a first class product, with first class values, delivering real change.

The Change Account offers many payment features as well as innovative budgeting tools to make it easier for you to manage your money. Explore The Change Account’s budgeting tools below and see how they could benefit you.

Change Account Wallets

Change Account Wallets are secure budgeting tools that can help you manage your money and take the stress out of bill payments.

Change Account Wallets

You can have five Wallets; try to think of them as mini accounts alongside Your Card account which you can only access online or through your mobile app.

  • All money paid onto Your Change Account goes directly to Your Card account, allowing you to decide how much money you want in Your Wallets to budget for priority payments.

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Your Change Account Wallets have two different Time locks:

  • Direct Payments:You can set up single and , regular Direct Payments out of Your Wallets. The earliest a Direct Payment can be sent is the following day and will be made by 12pm.
  • Transferring money to Your Card account:When you transfer money from Your Wallets to Your Card account, the earliest a transfer can be sent is the following day.

These Time Locks are a useful budget control, designed to help you take time to consider whether you really want to spend money in Your Wallets that you had previously planned to spend on something else.

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We don’t believe charging you for a missed payment will help which is why we acknowledge when you make your payments rather than punish you when you don’t. We don’t want you to fear your balance ever again, we want you to control your finances. This is why you can choose how you receive payment alerts, to suit your individual financial needs.

You will automatically receive online alerts for the following payments:

  • When money is paid in
  • New Payee Added
  • New Direct Debit Added
  • Upcoming Direct Debit
  • Direct Debit Paid /Failed
  • Scheduled Payment

You can also choose whether you want to receive these payment alerts via email, mobile app or SMS.

See: Alerts & Notifications

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Direct Debit is usually the cheapest way to pay for your utility bills as suppliers offer a discount to monthly Direct Debit customers due to their accounts being easier to manage. With The Change Account:

  • You can set up Direct Debits from Your Card account or a Wallet
  • There are no penalty charges for failed Direct Debits
  • You will receive payment alerts for Paid and Failed Direct Debits
  • You will receive a payment alert when you do not have enough money for an Upcoming Direct Debit

See: How Your Change Account Works

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The Change Account’s exclusive Rewards Programme offers you the ability to get 3-20% Cash Back. All you need to do is use Your Change Account Prepaid Debit Mastercard® for purchases at selected retailers and a Rewards Payment will be sent directly to Your Card account in a lump sum, at the end of every month.

Login to Your Change Account to see what Rewards Payments you have earned since you first signed up for a Change Account and for the previous month. To find out the participating retailers:

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