Baking on a Budget


With BBC1s 6th series of The Great British Bake Off in full swing, the  UK’s baking buzz seems to be in no danger of fading.

Baking can be a fun, social and tasty hobby- but how to partake in the odd bake without your budget being overstretched?

We have come up with some tips for keeping the costs down – without compromising on tasteShortbread, scones, cookies and jam tarts are all easy bakes that come it at under £3- but here are two full recipes for you to try with some of your loose change;

Classic Lemon Drizzle Cake (Approx.£2.40) 

3 lemons (1 for the drizzle)

4 eggs

225g Self-Raising Flour

225g caster sugar

225g of unsalted butter

50g caster sugar (for the drizzle)


  1. Combine the butter and sugar and beat until light and fluffy
  2. Gradually add the eggs 1 at a time whilst beating the mixture throughout
  3. Add the finely grated zest of 1 large lemon or 2 small and a 2tbsp of the lemons juice
  4. Sift the flour in gradually and fold into the mixture with a large metal spoon
  5. Pour the mixture into a greased baking tin (Loaf tin or square tins work well) and bake for 40 minutes on gas mark 4- (the cake should spring back when you press down on it)
  6. Remove the cake from the tin after is has cooled and prod all over with a sharp knife. Drizzle the sugar and lemon juice mixture all over the cake- Enjoy!

Change it up: Swap the lemons for 85g of coco powder for the cake mixture. Use a chocolate icing to decorate. OR

Swap the lemon for 80g of chopped cherries, add some vanilla essence for flavor and top with plain icing!


Honey Flapjacks (Approx. £2.10)

200g of butter

300g rolled oats

150g light brown sugar

2 tbsp of clear honey

  1. Melt the butter and sugar in the microwave on a medium temperature for approx. 2 minutes. (or until the butter has melted) and add the honey
  2. Stir through the oats until the whole mixture is combined
  3. Pour the mixture into a square or rectangular tin, to around a 3cm depth.
  4. Bake for 40 minutes on gas mark 4 and cut the mixture into squares whilst it is still warm (but don’t remove from the tin until fully cooled.)

Change it up: This is such an easy recipe to have a play with- substitute the honey for chopped chocolate, cherries, sultanas or dried apricots. It’s a great one for kids to try!


Saving Tips:

  • Shop at discount supermarkets for store cupboard goods
  • Use things you already have in the cupboard for flavoring recipes such as dried fruit – there are so many recipes online so plan around what you already have
  • Look at reduced aisles for fruit that is near to its best before date – fresh berries and ripe bananas are great in cakes – you can freeze them if you don’t have time to use them straight away (just make sure you peel the bananas first!)


Bring everyone together…

Whether it’s at work, with family or with friends baking is a really great way to bring everyone together. Why not have your own bake off – get everyone to bring a creation and get one lucky person to judge!

Ready, Set, BAKE!