Keeping you informed every step of the way

We promise to keep you informedevery step of the way

Other alerts include:

  • New Direct Debit Added
  • Direct Debit Failed
  • Scheduled Payment Paid
  • Money Paid In
  • New Payee Added

Keeping You Informed

Wouldn’t it be great to have gentle reminders of your payments? It would be like having a personal advisor helping you to keep track of your finances. This is exactly what The Change Account can offer you, but don’t worry, we won’t bombard you with reminders.

With The Change Account you will automatically receive online alerts for the following:

  • New Payee Added
  • New Direct Debit Added
  • Warning Upcoming Direct Debit
  • Money paid in
  • Direct Debit (paid/failed)
  • Scheduled payments (paid/failed)
  • Pending Charges
  • New Secure Message

You choose

You can also choose whether you want to receive these payment alerts via email, mobile app or SMS. All you’ll need to do is simply login to Your Change Account, select “My Payment Alerts” on Your Change Account overview.

Benefits of payment alerts


It is very easy to forget or miss your payments, we have all done it. The Change Account don’t believe that charging you for a missed payment will help. This is why we will acknowledge when you do make your payments rather than punish you when you don’t.


Ever dreaded looking at your balance so that you put it off for weeks and the stress builds? We don’t want you to fear your balance ever again which is why The Change Account offers a wide range of payment alerts that help keep you informed and allow you to look forward to planning for the future.


We no longer want your finances to control you, we want YOU to control your finances. The Change Account gives you the choice to adapt the way you receive payment alerts to suit your individual financial needs. Allowing you to have greater engagement with your finances so that you feel on top of your finances.